Living Beyond

A Daily Choice                                                Matthew 6:33, 34 (NIV)

Living Beyond is a Ministry that will help you Overcome Life-controlling Problems, Break the strongholds that are holding back the full blessings and anointing that God has for you. This Ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit will equip you with the tools to overcome and find freedom in Christ.                                     

This is a ministry that deals with any life controlling issue

*Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, *codependency issues,*eating disorders, *sex addictions, *violence and criminal behavior *Depression*Self worth*Stress Management.

We will help you discover the root causes of emotional and spiritual road blocks that have kept you trapped in a cycle of, addiction confusion and wrong choices. These are practical solutions for healing of the total person, spiritual and physical. 

God’s life-changing principles can transform your life. You can overcome and be set free, regain your self-respect and take control of your future.


Contact Pastor Mike D'Urso [email protected] for more info.