Student Ministry

What is Edge?

Edge Student ministry is about God and teenagers.

It’s about experiencing a real God in a real way.

Edge Student ministry is friends.

It’s about hanging out and making new friends.

Edge Student ministry is fun.

It’s about the games, music, fun events and great memories.

Edge Student Ministry is about you.

It’s about you having a place where you belong and where you can experience God, friends and fun.

Edge Student Ministry is about God, Friends, Fun and You.

At Edge we don’t care about what religion you come from, what you look like, what crowd you hang with, or even how messed up your past is. In fact, all of us here at Edge have some pretty messed up pasts.  What gives us hope is the fact that God has changed us. And we want you to experience that change and that hope as well. We simply want you to know that Edge is a place where you belong.